Pain Relief Without Surgery or Medication

bullet imagebullet imageTrying to ignore that tingling, numbness and pain in the hand and wrist may not be a good idea. People who perform repetitive work, whether on an assembly line or sitting at a computer keyboard, will often recognize these symptoms. They are the first hints of carpal tunnel syndrome, an increasingly common condition that can make everyday activities almost impossible to perform, or at least perform comfortably. Choosing to ignore it has been a habit of those who were afraid that surgery may be the only solution, but that is not necessarily the case.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment, while it can include surgery, can often be managed without invasive methods. One of the ways this is being done is through the use of soft tissue massage. This gentle method will improve circulation and help to relieve the painful side effects of this medical issue. When used in conjunction with other solutions like exercise and support bandages, most patients will be able to reverse the syndrome without going near an operating room. Even better, continued use of these methods can prevent the pain from returning, even if the patient chooses to remain in the same line of work.

pregnancy massage melbourne is not only an effective carpal tunnel treatment, but can be used to treat many other painful conditions. For example, it also works wells as a sciatic nerve pain treatment as well. The reason why massage, cupping and trigger point therapy are increasingly being used to help relieve pain, is because they are immediately beneficial. Not only are they able to reduce pain by relaxing tight muscles and improving blood flow to the injured areas, they do it without requiring the patient to take medication or give up their lifestyle. Most patients will have some degree of relief with a single session. For most this means more flexibility, as well as less pressure and pain.

The earlier a therapist is able to treat clients for painful muscle and nerve conditions, the easier it will be for them to help eliminate the discomfort permanently. By undergoing deep tissue massage melbourne patients are able to have the relief they need without losing time at work or being forced to spend days or weeks in recovery. Seeking this type of treatment first may be the easiest way to restore good health and feel better. Find out more about how treatments like this can be the alternative to surgery, or worse, living with pain.